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Educators, are you looking to up your game in Computer Science this summer? Look no further, Rex Academy and the Univ. of Texas at Dallas have launched their virtual professional development for educators with all backgrounds in coding, programming and more. 

Each of our virtual Computer Science courses will be led by Jey Veersamy, the Dir. of the Center for CS Education and Outreach or a member of his faculty. Due to the ongoing pandemic, our courses will be offered virtually at a 50% discount for the summer of 2021!

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More and more states are requiring schools to offer CS courses. Now is the time to get your teachers the training they need!

But better still, more and more educators just like you are using Computer Science to increase engagement, critical thinking and more.

Each of our online course packages feature standards-aligned curriculum from Rex Academy, full access to our platform will be provided to complete each course.  

Educators who complete our collaborative courses receive a certificate of completion from The University of Texas at Dallas which can be used for continuing education credits.


Grades K-5

mobile app for kids

*Microsoft Game Development

Use Microsoft Game Development (Kodu) to create fun, interactive worlds. This program is entirely about exploration and having fun while learning the basics of technology.



Scratch is a universally used software to teach kids computer science. The block – based software, with its deep database of characters, sounds, and animations, keeps them coming back!!

Grades 6-8

animations for kids

*Animations using Alice

Alice is an incredibly fun and powerful tool to create worlds and animations. While it is block-based programming, students must also set up cameras, and sequences to make their worlds come alive.

mobile app for kids

Mobile App Development

This block-based software, with its deep content, allow students to create applications and games while learning programming basics.

2D digital arts for kids

Digital Animations

Digital animations teaches a wealth of tools for media production. Adobe Suite provides tools such as Illustrator so that students may express their creativity by creating graphics.


2D Game Programming

In this class students will create and modify digital art. Using online tools used by professional game developers, students will create and modify their own characters, objects, backgrounds.


Cybersecurity Fundamentals

From dodging phishing attacks, to avoiding email scams, and preventing viruses from taking over, this course arms students with the knowledge to staying safe in the digital world.



This project-based class will go over lists, iteration, Boolean conditions, Strings, and much more while giving students the chance to develop Blackjack and Hangman as featured projects.


Web Design

If creating websites is your thing, then this is the class for you! Web Design teaches the basics of web programming using HTML and CSS. You will creating stylish web pages using web design techniques.

Grades 9-12


Computer Science Foundations

This foundations class dabbles in a little bit of everything. Students will learn programming fundamentals, to basics of networking and explore various other features of technology.

minecraft modifications for kids

*IT Fundamentals and Networking

A fun class to learn the basics for those interested in networking. IT Fundamentals will teach students how to connect hardware, use email, and cloud services.


AP CS Principles

This is a College Board class. The AP CSP class is designed to give a strong Computer Science foundation to individuals. This class dabbles in a little bit of everything from networking to cybersecurity.


*Cybersecurity Level 1

This high school cybersecurity class is engineered towards getting students certified in exams such as CompTIA Security+. This class teaches the tools of the industry.



This class teaches advanced algorithms and data structures such as 2D arrays, recursion, and advanced sorting algorithms. A must-have for those who want to do software development.


*Cybersecurity Level 2

This class is the follow up class to Cybersecurity Level 1. This teaches advanced techniques to attack and defend systems. At the end, students partake in CTF's style challenges to show off their cyber skills!

  • * Requires windows system. Need to download software.


Unique K-12 Computer Science program preparing students for industry-standard certifications like CompTIA Security+, CEH-EC Council and CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ (ITF+).

It has everything teachers need to get started solo, from auto-grading to single-sign-on, and everything your students need to feel engaged and supported — whatever their learning styles.

Rex Academy is expert-built, data-driven, and standards-aligned, with a current 100% AP Java pass-rate. 


Minimum 10 teachers required to start the program. All timings are in CST.

Tight budget? No worries. This summer, we’re offering 50% off all these courses.

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