Computer Science Courses for Before and After-School Programs

Start computer science classes, or take your current program to the next level.

The Before/After-school Program ALL Young Coders Will Love

Rex Academy’s platform makes computer science fun for any age. It’s designed to help all students feel excited about coding—not just the boys and computer geeks.

Real Projects

The Rex Academy computer science curriculum is based around real-life projects. Students create mobile apps, games, websites, graphic designs, and more. Inspire students of all ages to believe in themselves as they see real progress.

Instant System Feedback

Students learn best when they get feedback in real time. With a built-in compiler, students get instant feedback and correct their code as they go via a system that verifies their code as they progress.

Immersive and Personal

Some students dream of making video games. Others want to become YouTubers. Some love Roblox and Minecraft. The Rex learning platform and course content pathways are adaptable to a variety of learning styles and customizable to different students’ interests.


Passively watching videos… yawn! Rex Academy makes learning to code fun. Students see their progress in real time as they create real projects and aim to level up their programming skills. 


Built for Before/After School

Credential-Ready, Grade-Appropriate, Standards-Aligned

Founded by a mother and designed by educators, for educators, Rex Academy’s curriculum is built around state education standards. With content for every age group, students can get a head start in elementary school, or prepare for real-world career certifications like CompTIA. With courses ranging from cybersecurity to game development, you’ll be able to ensure that students are learning what you want. Can’t decide? You’ll get expert guidance from our team.

Why Rex is Perfect for Before and After School Programs


From auto-grading to detailed reporting, track student performance as they develop real-world skills and build real programs.

No Degree Required

Teach computer science even if you’ve never written a line of code. From lesson plans to grading, we’ve done everything for you.

Simple and Comprehensive

Get started in minutes. There’s no complicated setup or software to install. With single-sign-on and an intuitive, browser-based interface, students can start learning right away. Yes, it’ll work on Chromebooks, at home, or anywhere with internet. Fully browser-based, the Rex Learning Platform allows students to log in and get started right away—no setup required! The platform will check their code in real time as they follow along with the educator.

100% AP Pass Rate

To date, students who completed Rex Academy’s advanced placement computer science courses have a 100% pass rate.

Dual Credit

Dual credit programs let highschool students earn college credit for courses taken while they are still in high school. Rex Academy students may be eligible for dual credit. Contact us to learn more.


The Rex platform and curriculum were created by education and computer science experts, using the latest research in how students learn. Instruction is based on state standards. Learn more about Rex and your state standards here.

After School Coding Courses

Artificial Intelligence

Become a YouTuber

Game Development

App Development

Internet Safety


Information Technology

Python and Data Science

AP Computer Science

Web Design and Development

Web Development

2D Digital Arts

Learning with Minecraft



Software Development

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