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Teach computer science the easy way with Rex Academy’s all-inclusive CS curriculum and browser-based platform.

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Teach a standards-based CS curriculum — no experience needed.

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Let students express themselves and achieve dreams through coding real projects.


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Credential-Ready, Grade-Appropriate, Standards-Aligned

Founded by a mother who is a tech professional and designed by educators, for educators – Rex Academy’s curriculum is built around state education standards. With content for every age group, students can get a head start in elementary school, or prepare for real-world career certification in high school. With everything you need, from lesson plans to courses on topics such as cybersecurity and game development, you’ll be able to ensure that students are learning what you want. Can’t decide? You’ll get expert guidance from our team.

A Teacher Facilitated Turnkey Solution

Get started in minutes. There’s no complicated setup or software to install. With single-sign-on and an intuitive, browser-based interface, students can start learning right away. Yes, it’ll work on Chromebooks, at home, or anywhere with internet access. Fully browser-based, the Rex learning platform allows students to log in and get started right away—no setup required! The platform will check their code in real time as they follow along with the educator.


Aligns with state and national education standards.


Accessible in the classroom, at home, in summer camps - anywhere with internet.

Dual Credit

High school students may be eligible for college credit at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

STEM Careers

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Fun

Start preparing students for the careers of the future. With classes starting as early elementary school, Rex Academy puts students ahead of the curve.


Computer science is a key component of well-rounded STEM and STEAM education, that helps students connect STEM concepts to the technologies they use every day.

College and Career

Computer science is projected to be one of the key college career and military readiness skills of the future. Prepare students with the top career skills of the future, and help them earn real certifications from Oracle, Microsoft, and CompTIA.


Students learn step-by-step as our coding platform verifies code in real-time so students get immediate feedback. Teach computer science even if you’ve never written a line of code. From lesson plans to grading, we’ve done everything for you.

Did you know?

95% of Rex Academy Students Surveyed Went on to Major in Computer Science

It’s true! Rex Academy breaks down barriers — like the perception that computer science is boring, difficult, or “only for boys.” With classes like “Become a YouTuber” and “Game Development” students get to create real games, programs, and more.

Rex Academy is interactive and fun. Gone are the days of passively watching videos. Students learn and program as if they're playing videogames. Students get instant feedback and correct their code as they go via a system that verifies their work as they progress.

Some students dream of making videogames. Others want to become YouTubers. The Rex learning platform and course content pathways are adaptable to a variety of learning styles and customizable to different students’ interests.

Popular Classes

These Are Just Some of the Rex Academy Computer Science Curriculum Classes

The Rex platform and curriculum were created by education and computer science experts, using the latest research in how students learn. Instruction is aligned to state standards.

Artificial Intelligence

Become a YouTuber

Game Development

App Development

Internet Safety


Information Technology

Python and Data Science

AP Computer Science

Web Design and Development

Web Development

2D Digital Arts

Learning with Minecraft



Software Development

Fully Integrated

Find Your Fit

Rex Academy comes customized and ready to integrate into to your districts’ unique instructional strategy. Incorporate Rex Academy into an existing class, introduce it as a stand-alone class, or include it as a specials rotation.

All instructional resources included.

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