Computer Science for Camps and Programs

90% of parents want their children to learn computer science. Here’s the fun way to add it to your camp schedule.

Why St. John's Episcopal School in Dallas Uses Rex

“We had a great experience this summer and would love to extend our partnership during the school year, as well.”


Built for Summer Camps

Credential-Ready, Grade-Appropriate, Standards-Aligned

Founded by a mother and designed by educators, for educators, Rex Academy’s curriculum is built around state education standards. With content for every age group, students can get a head start in elementary school, or prepare for real-world career certifications like CompTIA. With courses ranging from Cybersecurity and Game Development, you’ll be able to ensure that students are learning what you want. Can’t decide? You’ll get expert guidance from the Rex Academy team.


Get started in minutes. There’s no complicated setup or software to install.  With single sign-on and an intuitive, browser-based interface, students can start learning right away. Rex Academy can be accessed on Chromebooks in the classroom, at home, or anywhere with an internet connection. Fully browser-based, the Rex learning platform allows students to log in and get started right away — no setup required. The platform will check student code in real time as they follow along with the educator.

No Degree Required

Teach computer science even if you’ve never written a line of code. From lesson plans to grading, Rex does everything for you.

Summer Camp Coding Courses

Artificial Intelligence

Become a YouTuber

Game Development

App Development

Internet Safety


Information Technology

Python and Data Science

AP Computer Science

Web Design and Development

Web Development

2D Digital Arts

Learning with Minecraft



Software Development

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